MANDO Global leader of Safety & Convenience MANDO Global leader of Safety & Convenience


Let us introduce Mando, the trustworthy brand in auto parts manufacturing.

Mando not only makes brakes, steering and suspension systems but also is also expanding its business areas to manufacturing cutting-edge auto safety and convenience devices and eco-friendly auto parts. Mando is also expanding its brand to repair parts and car accessories.

Mando, a brand of trust in quality and technological expertise in the auto parts manufacturing industry, was originally launched as Hyundai Yanghaeng in 1962. Today, Mando is a world-class brand in auto parts providing key parts for the top three U.S. automakers and premium automakers in Europe as well as Korean carmakers.


Corporate Brand Mando Mando is a word combination of "Man" and "do," meaning the technology with which men (Man) can make anything possible to "do." Also, the name represents the creative spirit of Mando which makes persistent endeavors to develop technologies for people's safety.