Corporate Information

Dynamic Halla Holdings never ceases to pursue changes

Halla Holdings is growing into a global company with its technological prowess in auto parts distribution and services based on its corporate philosophy of Right-Path Management.

Halla Holdings creates a dynamic tomorrow with its spirit of challenge toward technology.

Since its founding in 1991, Halla Holdings has been providing high quality distribution and logistics
services based on its Right-Path Management philosophy to promote customers' happiness and development.
The company will be reborn as a global company specializing in distribution,
international trade and services by diversifying its automobile parts business,
using its know-how and influences of its global networks, and identifying promising new businesses.


Halla Holdings is strengthening its core competitiveness for continued development and a new leap forward, centering on its corporate philosophy based on the Halla Spirit.

  • Enterprising
    Enterprising endeavor are the driving force for carrying out business.
    They mean that we actively carry out our goals with the spirit of challenge
    and a desire for accomplishment, undaunted by any difficulties.
  • Creative
    Creative development refers to efforts not only to carry out business
    with a critical mind and willingness to improve work voluntarily
    but to never cease to develop oneself.
  • Community
    Community spirit means the spirit with which to create a Halla community
    based on harmony and camaraderie for encouraging each other.